50 million
Zongshen Engines provide services to the people for easy life
Zongshen NC250
engine specialized for racing vehicles fills the racing racks with speed and passion
users are enjoying professional services brought about by Master Zuo
patents indicates the strong technology of the Technology & Research Center of Zongshen Motorcycle
20 million
users in the world is enjoying the convenience Zongshen Motorcycle provides
Zongshen Motorcycle
Racing Team has won numerous honors in various world-level motor racings in the last 16 years
families have enjoyed exquisite products of IH structural space
An international
elderly care and rehabilitation complex of 4,608 mu (1 mu ≈ 667 square meters) serves society
Chongqing Automotive
Valley, occupying an area of 4,600 mu, builds an automobile and motorcycle aftermarket industrial cluster in China
To bring world-class driving and riding experience to consumers in middle and western China through cooperation with BMW
General Aviation
To provide solid services to China’s general aviation
Zongshen Mining
Strive for rational use of natural resources by human
Owned enterprises
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