Break through the “three-island chain” and enter into the “blue water area”
Focus on long-term mainstream industry with endogenous growth power
On the road of Hundred Years History, Zongshen is turning its advantage in conventional industry gradually into its endogenous growth impetus and also focusing on the long-period industry of main stream to shoot for becoming a mainstream enterprise in the mainstream industry. In the 12th Five-year Plan period (2010-2015), Zongshen sat down its new strategy of development for the forthcoming 5-10 years, in which Zongshen formulated its own super development theory: Breaking Through Three islands Chain (current industry is extended and broadened, then reaches into the hub area of new industry, creates new model and new value) and sailing into Blue Water Area (coming into the most extensive ecosystem to catch the most favorable opportunity of development).
The object of identifying the laws and seizing the trend is to control the endogenous and exogenous impetuses of the Group from different resources in all facets. Among them, the exogenous impetuses include national power (economy, military affairs and people's livelihood), industrial power (hot spots in global industries, development trend and work division of value chain), social power (population structure, consumption features and cultural trend), etc. The endogenous impetuses include structural power (reconstruction of industrial structures, new coordinated relationship between various businesses, update and improvement of management and control structure), capital power (brands, patents, talents and currencies), and hegemonic assets (mineral products, energy resources, exclusive political and business relationship), core capability (technology, talent team), etc. Currently, Zongshen is controlling the multi-sourced power, and at the same time and for the final purpose, Zongshen is creating multi-dimensional value to the world and the human beings, including client /customer value (product value, service value), social value (value of people’s livelihood, value of environmental protection), state value (benefit return to the country) and shareholder’s value.
“Global Influence”:Influences of technology, industry, mode, brand, culture and spirit.
“Hundred-year Vitality”:Long term of contemplation; over a hundred years of industry; long history of Zongshen; ceaseless creativity and persistent vital force!
Development Philosophy
Two Mainstreams and One Long-period:In the future, Zongshen’s core strategic direction will be focused on mainstream industry with long period. Zongshen will strive for becoming one of the mainstream enterprises in the industry. In the course of development, Zongshen shall determine the opinion of value on the basis of laws identified, lock on the zone of value and create value scientifically.

Development in Trend:In the future, Zongshen will surf the powerful industrial waves, catch the key links of development and realize mutual complement and common revival between various industries on the basis of mastering the laws governing industrial development, governing operation of complicated systems and life cycle of enterprises.

Integration of Systems:Zongshen will construct its own advantage of systems to become integrator of the systems in the core links of industrial chain/ecological chain. In addition, it will launch innovation in business pattern on the basis of integration of systems and realize maximization of integral value of the whole Zongshen Group.

Capability Centered:On the one hand, Zongshen shall take its own core capability as a support for extension and integration of its industrial chain and for diversified development; on the other hand, all strategic actions and experiences shall be turned intentionally and purposefully into barrier with high-grade resistance of the core capability.

Zongshen’s goal of development:By the end of the 12th Five-year Plan period (2015), Zongshen will try after to realize business income scale of 50 billion yuan RMB; by the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period (2020), Zongshen will realize business income of RMB 100 billion yuan and enter era of “A Hundred-Billion Zongshen”.
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