The fourth generation "of new homes species" - IH create a new era of human settlements
The fourth generation "of new homes species" - IH create a new era of human settlements
To build residential real estate according to the high and fine standards for the manufacturing industry
Zongshen Real Estate Group is a secondary Group company under Zongshen Industrial Group, which is dedicated to real estate business, the third largest pillar industries under Zongshen Industrial Group. It has many big projects in provinces such as Chongqing, Sichuan and Guangdong, as well as in countries such as Canada, the United States and Brazil. Its businesses cover commercial and residential complex, education industry complex, automobile and motorcycle industrial chain aftermarket complex, elderly care and rehabilitation complex, and financial and international exchange and cooperation platform, which are built into a whole commercial new paradigm complex, etc. Adhering to the core concept of “Unique, Exquisite, Earnest and Creative” and advocating the purpose of “building houses according to the high and fine standards for the manufacturing and selling houses at a low profit margin as in the manufacturing industry” in building residential real estate, the Group has kept paying back society with its profits and emphasizing the high integration of right values and noble corporate spirit, mutual influence between strict scientific management and profound corporate culture, so as to build unified team awareness and conscious team behavior and strive to become a bright star shining in China’s real estate industry.
Chongqing Zongshen Tianrun Real Estate Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the high-quality commercial and residential project “Zongshen • Motor City” and Golden Blue Bay Project with regional influence. Particularly, the integrated residential housing it developed decomposes the residential space with eight systems, featuring “humanized design, industrial streamline production and one-stop service customization”. It was steadily launched into the market with its high-tech and high cost-performance ratio and was widely applauded and quite popular with the market. The Company has won various awards and honorary titles such as “Representative enterprise with best building quality in livable Chongqing”, “2010 Best Livable Community Demonstration in Chongqing”, “2010 Chongqing Bayu Cup Quality Engineering Award”, “2012 Asian International Residential Housing Environment Award”; Zongshen Golden Blue Bay signed service contract with one of the global five major real estate consultancy companies -- JLL, which uses its whole mew property management concept and rich experiences in high-end property management to provide Zongshen Golden Blue Bay with high quality property management services. Chengdu Zongshen High-tech Venture Investment Co., Ltd. has successfully developed some influential projects such as “Zongshen·River-side Villa”and“Zongshen·River-side Garden”, and now is developing the high-class commercial and residential project “Zongshen•Sainawei” featuring the integration of town house and garden villa. The Company has been rated as “Famous Real Estate Enterprise of China”, “Chengdu Developer with Most Competitive Brand” and “AAA Class Law-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise”. In 2011, the Group and a Canadian local real estate developer co-invested in and developed the Bowen Island real estate project, marking a substantial step of Zongshen toward the global development of its real estate business.
Standing on the development frontier of elderly care and rehabilitation industry
The new-type real estate development model serves society
Elderly care and rehabilitation complex
Haosheng Properties Limited, of which Zongshen Real Estate Group is the majority shareholder, is now building Yipin elderly care and rehabilitation complex, centering on which the Company aims to build its elderly care, health-preserving and rehabilitation businesses and to build itself into a first-class enterprise in the elderly care real estate industry. Now the Company has formed a four-level governance structure consisting the general shareholders’ meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors and operation team. Now the Company is steadily expending its business across the country, and is planning to develop over 10 elderly care and rehabilitation projects nationwide in the future. Currently it has secured agreement of cooperation intent with China Aging Development Foundation and China Investment Corporation.

The Yipin Project the Company is now building in Chongqing occupies a total area of 4,608 mu. In the future the Company will built the project into an elderly care and rehabilitation complex that integrates hotel and conference center (UNHEP West China Conference Center, five-star hot spring holiday inn), 27-hole golf course, elderly care and health preserving industrial center (leisure health preserving center, rehabilitation nursing center, medical center, elders’apartment. elders’college, elders caring center, elderly care financial center), housing for retired people and modern agriculture.
Automobile and motorcycle aftermarket industrial cluster with the most complete coverage of the industrial chain in China
Automobile culture experience center that transcend national boundary to link the future
Automobile and motorcycle industry complex
Chongqing Automotive Valley project aims at building an automobile and motorcycle aftermarket industrial cluster and a large-scale comprehensive export base that has influence nationwide and across Europe and Southeast Asia. It is the first Automobile and motorcycle aftermarket industrial cluster with the most complete coverage of the industrial chain in China, the first open-end automobile and motorcycle culture museum and derivative industry base, and China’s most innovative automobile culture experience center. Its business scope covers the automobile and motorcycle aftermarket industry, industrial (products) testing and certification, automobile and motorcycle sports culture experience and perfect one-stop business service, featuring four operation patterns of “industrial cluster+testing and certification+ e-commerce+ sports experience”. By introducing international industrial (products) testing and certification system, it manages to break industrial monopoly and integrate various small- and medium-sized domestic enterprises in multiple forms, to provide innovative industrial transfer platform and development paths and cultivate industrial leading enterprises, and to build an automobile and motorcycle aftermarket industrial cluster and a large-scale comprehensive export base that has influence nationwide and across Europe and Southeast Asia.

The project occupies an area of 4,600 mu (1 mu ≈ 667 square meters), with a total investment of RMB 12.5 billion yuan in engineering construction. Targeting the market demand and by the aid of Chongqing’s deep industrial cultural reserve, the project will present the development trend of global automobile and motorcycle industry, styling design, laws and regulations, travel and transportation and lifestyle. In the mean time, with automobile and motorcycle elements as the clue, it will blend the folk customs of inhabiting, eating and festivals of the place of origin of the automobiles and motorcycles altogether, so that it can introduce industrial elements into people’s life. It has also introduced designer office, R&D design center, luxury vehicle/special vehicle/refitting vehicle brand center and automobile and motorcycle club as the cultural soil for sustained fermentation of the project -- to build automobile and motorcycle derivative industry innovative R&D, production and processing base. After put into operation, the project may achieve an annual sales volume of 45 billion yuan, pay annual taxes of over 1 billion yuan, and create employment opportunities for more than 30,000 people. This will surely exert huge influence on the integrated development of Chongqing automobile aftermarket and the socioeconomic development of Banan District. After 5 years of operation, the annual business income will reach hundreds of billion yuan. The project is also one of the key projects listed in Zongshen Industrial Group’s plan to realize hundreds of billion yuan annual business income in its subordinate entities in 2020.
The first Germany service center in South China
Successfully introduced the comprehensive commercial and business service platform featuring unique German and European culture
Commercial and residential complex
Foshan Germany Service Center was invested and built by Zongde Investment under Zongshen Group. It is designed by famous German enterprise and built according to international mainstream standard, and is a comprehensive business service platform with multiple complex functions. It is the only Germany service center in South China and the third generation of its kind to those in Beijing and Shanghai and the most perfect one. Adopting an environmentally friendly design concept, the design of the center fully reflects the concise, fresh, simple and superior quality Bauhaus-style architectural art. Zongde Investment has been emphasizing that the Germany service center shall only serve as industrial center or business and trade center, but should serve more as German-style life center. This concept will provide realistic template for China’s future industrial park. “Our goal is to build the global largest, newest and most modern Germany service center.” Zuo Zongshen, chairman and president of Zongshen Industrial Group remarked that, in the future, the center will cooperate with German financial institutions to build a financial service platform.
The foundation stone laying ceremony for the Germany service center has been held in February 2014. The center will build itself into China’s largest foreign service center with most complete facilities and most perfect services, and will also become a landmark building in the Sino-Germany Industrial Service Zone and even in the whole Foshan City. This national-level industrial service zone will become an economic special zone adopting an economic development pattern similar to that of Germany. The center shoulders the important mission of building a new industrial development platform for enterprises from both China and Germany, and will effectively integrate open policies, optimized local resources and active innovation mechanism and other favorable conditions to better promote the economic development of enterprises from both countries.
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