A New Type of Exchange An Inter-enterprises Transaction Settlement Tool
Settlement-orientated e-commerce was approved by Chongqing Municipality Finance Affairs Office after Automobile & Motorcycle Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “the Exchange”) has gained its business license.
Promote upgrading of traditional enterprise to serve real economy
Chongqing Automobile & Motorcycle Exchange Limited

2015 September, Zongshen Group finished reorganization of the Exchange.

2016 June, the Exchange has approved by Chongqing Municipality Finance Affairs Office and started business of settlement-orientated e-commerce.

2016 October, the Exchange has officially renamed as Chongqing Automobile and Motorcycle Exchange Limited.

Within Zongshen Industrial Group’s “Produce-Finance-Internet” strategy, Automobile Motorcycle Exchange is the major player in the “Internet” part as an open internet platform service provider for the entire transportation machinery industry. The Exchange takes “Open, Independent, Fair, Transparent” as tenet, settlement as core and build up three main business as settlement, finance and venture capital investment. To serve enterprises on the industrial chain, promote upgrade of traditional enterprise and eventually benefit real economy.

  • Qi Zhang Tong

  • Commodity Exchange

  • E-commerce

  • Finance Service

Introduction of Qi Zhang Tong

Introduction of Qi Zhang Tong

Qi Zhang Tong is a transaction settlement tool designed for the Chongqing Automobile and Motorcycle Exchange’s settlement-orientated e-commerce approved by Chongqing Municipality Finance Affairs Office.

Besides of online transaction settlement, Qi Zhang Tong also has credit financing, commodities centralized purchasing and other functions aiming to provide solution for inter-enterprise settlement, financing and trading.

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Commodity Exchange

Introduction of Commodity Exchange

In order to take lead of commodity trading industry and set up industrial benchmark, Commodity Exchange brings “full-payment for spot goods” as selling mode to supply members. This selling mode can relieve the funding pressure during business cycle, reduce selling costs and increase profit margin, so that suppliers can invest more into product R&D and quality upgrade. Which responses national supply-side structural reform by creating an industrial chain value-added service platform to realize complete flow scheme trading between platform and supply chain management.

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Introduction of E-commerce

Introduction of E-commerce

Utilizing Qi Zhang Tong’s functions to realize B2B and B2C trading settlement based on Dongli 24 platform. Focusing in transportation machinery industry and based on settlement-orientated e-commerce, effectively cure issues lays in sourcing, manufacturing and customer service—the three core parts in industrial chain, eliminate trading middle parts and bring new vitality and activity to the healthy development of entire industry chain.

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Introduction of Finance Service

Cooperating and integrate with other financial institutions, deeply exploit financial needs in industrial chain based on big data resource accumulated from inter-enterprise transaction settlement and provide comprehensive finance service for platform members.


Qualified platform members can apply for petty loan on credit, factoring, consumer finance, finance lease and other financial service.

Settlement Service

Free, fast, save, superior settlement service to increase investment returns for members.

Project Consulting

Integrate all kinds of finance institutions, venture capital institutions and consulting companies to full-scale incubate and cultivate innovative enterprises.

Insurance Service

Provide full-scale exclusive convenient insurance service to members in different trading steps.

In order to solve financing problem for real enterprise and push local economic development, Zongshen Industrial Group insists on generalized finance and has long-term view to unite powerful and major players to jointly founded Chongqing Liangjiang New District Zongshen Petty Loan Limited in 2013. After non-stop expanding its market share and innovation, the company has expand its business into other field of finance service. Till today, Zongshen Power’s finance strategy plate has combined Zongshen petty loan, Zongshen factoring, asset management and finance lease.

The finance strategy plate is an approved professional finance service institution has standard management and stable operation and supervised by industrial association, CBRC, CSRC and auditing authority. Depending on Zongshen Power Group’s strength, capital and resource, dedicates to industrial chain finance field, support development of real economic, focus on petty loan finance, capital operation and other service to establish a one-stop intelligent finance service brand.

  • On-line Factoring
    Product introduction:Enterprises can online apply, be approved, release and repay loans rely on existing account receivables claiming by Zongshen by using Zongshen’s online finance platform cooperated with banks. This product vitalizes enterprises’ sedimentary funds, particularly encourage online anytime-borrow-and-repay loans, fund circulation and massively reduce actual financing costs.

    Product Features:

    Easy and fast: raising fund within 1 hour by clicking;

    Low interest rate: only charge RMB 3.8 Yuan per day for a 10,000 Yuan loan;

    Anytime-borrow-and-repay: higher fund efficiency with lower actual financing costs;

    Less barrier: apply anytime as long as holding Zongshen’s account receivables.

  • Enterprise Liquidity Loan
    Product introduction:Enterprises apply relatively long-term loans rely on existing and future various steady account receivables. This product release one-off loan and repay on maturity that improves client’s fund liquidity.

    Product Features:

    Long-term financing: maximum term of 15 months;

    Quick loan release: approve within 1 day at the fastest;

    Low interest rate: lower than industrial average interest rate;

    Less barrier: apply anytime as long as holding steady account receivables.

  • Enterprise Mortgage Loan
    Product Introduction:provide mortgage loan to enterprises and help them go through liquidity shortage.

    Product Features:

    Accept diversified collateral: besides land, plant, residence and commercial property, garage, cottage and other raw material, semi-finished product, inventory that has realizable value are acceptable as collateral;

    Low discount rate: high quality client can have outstanding lower discount rate than banks and financing higher amount of funds;

    High quota: maximum quota of RMB 50 Million Yuan per client;

    Quick loan-release: approve within 3 day at the fastest;

    Low interest rate: lower than industrial average interest rate;

    Less barrier: apply anytime as long as holding collateral listed above.

  • Bridge Loan
    Product Introduction:provide temporary short-term financing service to help enterprises who need renew bank loans and/or supper-short-term bridge loan.

    Product Features:

    High quota: maximum quota of RMB 200 Million Yuan per client;

    Secured loan: release loan as soon as approved;

    Quick loan-release: approve within 1 day at the fastest;

    Low interest rate: lower than industrial average interest rate;

  • VIP Consumer Loan
    Product Introduction:provide consumer loans for senior executive who have secure job and stable income source.

    Product Features:

    Simple application process: 1 personal profile, 1 application and 4 signatures;

    Anytime borrow and repay: higher fund efficiency with lower costs;

    Quick loan-release: approve within 1 day at the fastest;

    Low interest rate: lower than industrial average interest rate.

  • Bad Claim/ Distressed Assets Purchasing
    Product Introduction:provide bad claim and distressed assets purchasing service to help enterprises obtain funds in time and improve liquidity; optimize journal sheet and accounting report to reduce business burdens.

    Product features:

    Wide asset range: fixed assets (land, real estate, facilities, etc.), project in progress, equity investment, bad claim and other valuable assets are acceptable for this service;

    Secured fund: maximum amount of RMB 600 Million of one-off transferrable fund.

  • Financing Consulting
    Product Introduction:integrate enterprises’ financing needs and provide professional financing consulting, financial support and optimization to help client reasonable upgrade their bank financing quota, adjust financing structure and reduce financing costs.

    Product features:

    Professional team: bank senior executive and financing experts from listed company;

    Exclusive service: design exclusive financing plan for every individual client accordance with different demand.

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