• Unique

    single-minded, concentrated and specialized; specialized in main business, concentrated on our job and devoted to thermal power; person united, force combined and interest integrated; wholehearted for the enterprise;

  • Exquisite

    fine, proficient, lean and capable; sophisticated manufacturing for elaborate products;
  • Practical

    honest, practical and pragmatic; be conscientious in work and be down-to-earth in life;
  • Innovative

    seek new idea, innovate and reform; absorb new concept, create new culture and establish new objective
  • Zongshen Mission
  • Zongshen Vision
  • Development philosophy
  • Management Thinking
  • Development Model
  • Core Values
  • The object of identifying the laws and seizing the trends is to control the endogenous and exogenous power of the enterprise from different resources in all facets. Among them, the exogenous power includes national power (economy, military affairs and people's livelihood), industrial power (hot spots in global industries, development trend and work division of value chain), social power (population structure, consumption features and cultural trend), etc. The endogenous power includes structural power (reconstruction of industrial structures, new coordinated relationship between various businesses, update and optimization of management and control structure), capital power (brands, patents, talents and currencies), and hegemonic assets (minerals, energy resources, exclusive politics and business relationship), core capability (technology and talent team), etc. Zongshen is controlling the power from various energy resources, and at the same time and for the final purpose, Zongshen is creating multi-dimensional value to the world and the human beings, including client /customer value (product value and service value), social value (value of people’s livelihood and value of environmental protection), state value (benefit return to the country) and shareholder’s value.

  • “Global influence”: influence of technology, industry, mode, brand and spirit; “hundred-year vitality”: long term of contemplation; over a hundred years of industry; long history of Zongshen; ceaseless creativity and persistent vital force!

  • Stretch and broaden the existing industry, enter the hub of new industry, create the new pattern and new value, enter the broaden ecosystem and grasp the biggest opportunity for development.

  • Building thinking: commercial pattern/model innovation, artificial economy, fabrication out of nothing and differentiation; blue water thinking: two mainstreams and one long period, surfing development, system integration and capability supreme; Internet thinking: build industrial Internet platform and screens trading hub and become the industrial scenarios maker, industrial organizer and ecosphere leader.

  • “Production, finance and Internet” integrate to form the external loop for development. “Mode, capital and talent” integrate to form the internal loop for development. Internal and external loops are linked to realize fission development of Zongshen. Zongshen, based on “scenario”, redesigns and optimizes business model and innovates and develops the scenario platform enterprise. On this basis, Zongshen gradually forms the intelligent production capacity, opens up the road between “user personalized demand” and “large scale intelligent flexible manufacturing” and accelerates the progress of transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to modern intelligent manufacturing by utilization of Internet of things, intelligent control system, industrial robot, block chain and other technologies.

  • Customer: customer is the prerequisite of existence of an enterprise. Focus on customer, serve customer and create value for customer. Outside the enterprise, we integrate all resources, technologies and data to provide excellent products and services for customers. Inside the enterprise, front office is our customer, so we provide good service and supports to the front office.<br/>Innovation: innovation is the power of enterprise’s development. Advocate innovation and drive by innovation. Have critical spirit, keep trying, dare to challenge authority, dare to break through oneself, keep seeking for new challenge, and eliminate the old and bring forth the new.<br/>Respect: respect is the headspring of cohesive force. Respect for talent, respect for ability, respect for personality, respect for habit, emphasize etiquette, be polite, trust each other and make concerted efforts to make Zongshen bigger and stronger.<br/>Fusion: fusion is the key of enterprise to develop and grow. Merge all value, gather all power and integrate all wisdom. Open up and cooperate, get mutual benefit and win-win results, support each other, help others to succeed, celebrate the victory together and rescue others from failure.

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