Sewage treatment, energy saving and environmental protection
Emergency response and disaster relief work are highly appreciated
To maintain a sound order within the local area
To build an enterprise fulling of humanistic care
Disaster relief, education aid, poverty alleviation and public benefit
In its more than 20 years of development, Zongshen Group has been bold enough to take its due social responsibility by paying back society with employment, tax payment, social charity, energy saving and environmental protection and public safety. It has established a good corporate image of caring for society and people’s well being and of having high sense of social responsibility, and has been granted such honorary titles as “Outstanding Contributor to China’s Charitable Cause” and “Top 10 Charitable Enterprises in Chongqing”.
   After so many years of development, Zongshen is no longer a family enterprise. To pursue sustainable development, the Company can no longer be an “economic animal” only pursuing output, profits and market share, but must take its due responsibility. In this regard, we choose charity causes to fulfill our responsibility.

——Zuo Zongshen
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