College introduction

Established in Nov. 2012, Zognshen College is the first trial of Chongqing private manufacturers to “run school” in the enterprise. The college devotes to creating Zongshen’s Whampoa Military Academy and cultivating core talents available for use in Zongshen’ s strategic development in the coming 3~5 years, under the mission to “provide unceasing capacity for sustainable development of the enterprise and provide employees with value added opportunity in their careers”. At present, the college has completed the creation of system and institutional mechanism and developed internal core courses and established a professional internal trainer team to serve each level and each type of talent cultivation systems in the whole Group and focuses on cultivation of middle and senior talents and echelon. The college enters into strategic cooperation relations with famous universities and colleges, consultation training company and relevant governmental agency to expand its training resources. Since its establishment, the college has arranged and developed many form of activities such as executive rostrum, Zongshen auditorium, the college’s public class, afternoon tea time and “V course is coming” to create a learning atmosphere and planed a “future star” undergraduate induction training camp, “Generation to Generation plan” echelon talent cultivation project, administration all-round star, senior and middle management cultivation and internal trainer TTT project and so on to cultivate core backbones.

Advantages of running a school

Include development and cultivation of enterprise culture, management and professional skill series of learning courses and takes diversified learning methods.





The honor of Zong Shen College

In 2015, it was selected as the most growing enterprise university.
In 2013, it was granted the annual optimum growth award for enterprise commercial college in China.
In 2014, it was granted the annual optimum learning program award for enterprises in China.
In 2015, it was granted the annual optimum innovation award for enterprise commercial college in China.

About Zongshen

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