President Zuo Zongshen Attended the 2014 NPC & CPPCC of Chongqing with Double Identities
    From January 19 to 22, 2014, NPC & CPPCC of Chongqing were held in People's Auditorium. Zuo ZongShen, Chairman and President of Zongshen industrial group was invited by the CPPCC to attend the second meeting of the fourth CPPCC session as a CPPCC member, and attended the second meeting of the fourth municipal people’s representative congress as a people’s representative of Chongqing municipality.
    During the meeting, Zuo ZongShen proposed the suggestions on developing the city's modern ecological agriculture and further strengthening the protection of ecological environment, which was discussed passionately by delegates and attracted attention of media.
    In order to implement the eight regulations of central government, Regulations on the Party and Government Organs Advocating the Austerity and Prohibiting the Waste and relevant requirements of municipal party committee about improvement of work style and making close ties with the masses, the congress adopted eight measures to hold the meetings in a thrifty way, which were well praised by the masses:
    I. The meeting hall is simple and plain. There are no flowers and welcome carpet; the public indoor places are posted with the non-smoking signs; there are no KT board emblems; there are no flowers and green plants in the delegation plenary meeting and sub-conference venues.
    II. The meal will be the buffet. There are no alcohol, tobacco, seafood and other high-end dishes available, and a warm frugal meal logo is placed, and the extravagance and waste are prohibited.
    III. The attendants of municipal departments who do not have voting rights will be responsible for the accommodation by themselves.
    IV. Do not issue any souvenirs. Don't Issue file bags in commemorative nature, notebooks and pens, and the meeting materials are packed with general envelope bag.
    V. Reduce file material. Strictly control the file distribution range of meeting, try to reduce the quantity of document materials; some reference materials will be issued in the CD.
    VI. Cancel the band welcome and band music in the meeting hall.
    VII. Reduce the propaganda slogan. Cancels the congratulation banners outside auditorium and people’s building, as well as the congratulation and welcome banners and publicity slogans inside and outside the hotel, and do not arrange the arch and flags.
    VIII. The traffic is not closed and the hotel is not closed. The resident hotel can open at the same time.
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By giving full play to the advantages of school talents to promote Zongshen General Aviation
On the afternoon of March 17, 2014, accompanied by Mr. Don Ho, CEO of Bowen Island joint venture and Zhang Jin
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